Ever since my hair had been dyed, I have been paying much more attention to what products I will apply to them. Butters will impress even the most demanding user. In this post in Slovenian Cosmetics, I will introduce two new Butters products, namely Natural Hair Intensive Care Mask and Leave-in Hair Mask.

Why use a hair mask at all?

First, it is necessary to distinguish between conditioner and hair masks. Namely, almost all female users use the conditioners, but the use of the mask is not so common. Hair conditioners are almost essential for hair care as they restore the structure of the hair and affect its appearance. In particular, conditioners make combing easier, reduce hair electricity and repair hair structure.

However, if you want really soft and shiny hair, your friend will also be a hair mask. The use of hair masks is primarily recommended for people with dry, split and dyed hair. Unlike conditioners, hair masks are prepared with oils, butters and other nourishing ingredients. Masks are usually left on the hair longer than balms, giving better effects after one use.



Butters masks are formulated with specially nourishing ingredients

Both Intensive Care Mask and Leave-in Hair Mask contain shea butter, CBD extract, hydrolysed wheat proteins, Vitamin B5 (panthenol). The Leave-in mask also contains hydrolyzed keratin.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is great for hair care as it revitalizes dry and light hair. Shea butter is it’s own source of moisture and vitamins. It can be used on both hair and scalp. It moisturizes dry, scaly scalp and damaged hair from root to tip, leading to faster hair growth.

CBD Extract

Both CBD and hemp oil are able to control excess sebum production and reduce inflammation. They also show antibacterial benefits to the scalp. CBD extract is rich in vitamins, which is great for the care of dry and brittle hair.

Hydrolyzed proteins

Why not just use ordinary proteins? Proteins are huge molecules that, because of their size, cannot penetrate the inside of hair, but can only remain on their surface. The process called hydrolysis transforms the protein molecules to become smaller. Smaller protein molecules can pass into the hair structure where they bind to cracks in the hair structure. Cracks in the hair structure usually result from chemical or thermal treatment of the hair. Hydrolyzed proteins bind to cracks to temporarily repair hair structure.

Vitamin B5 – panthenol

Panthenol is not only a moisturizer, it is also a great emollient. It is evenly distributed over the surface of the hair, where it forms a smooth film. This film makes the hair shinier while also allowing excellent gliding between the hair, making it easier to comb. Panthenol can also penetrate the inside of the hair, where it helps retain moisture and provides volume.



Is the mask suitable for all hair types?

Most of all, people who deal with oily scalp have a probles with hair masks. For people with drier hair, a mask is a great choice to add the missing lipids into the scalp and repair the hair structure. People with oily scalp have the problem of excreting large amounts of sebum on the scalp, which makes the hair look oily and hair washing is more frequent on a schedule. Rarely does anyone have the problem of having their hair greasy over its entire length.

Since I also have oily scalp I have good advice for you so you can still use a hair mask. It is easy, just try to avoid applying the mask to the scalp, distributing it only at the tips of the hair. When washing, avoid contact with the scalp and rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Why lukewarm water? Hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands and more sebum will be released into the scalp!

Butters Intensive Hair Mask


The mask comes in a 250 ml crucible in which you reach for the product by hand. So, the classic and also the most convenient mask container since it makes dosing easy. The mask is very rich and, as a result, very dense, but fluffy. It’s as fluffy as whipped eggs and butter (if you bake you know what I’m talking about!). You need very little product because of it’s richness.

Applying and mask miracles

It is easy to apply to the entire length of your hair. I only apply it to the tips, since my oily scalp would have complained sooner if I had hoped for more than the tips. I leave it between 3 to 5min to do its magic. I have had quite a few hair masks already, but the effect this mask has cannot be compared to any other. Even when you wash mask off your hair, they are silky soft and easy to comb.

Effect and smell

Why did I combine the two? Usually, hair products have a smell, but when you wash it out of your hair, it will get lost. However, this is not the case with this mask. The smell, according to my personal interpretation, is oatmeal with honey. It smells divine to me and the scent persists after washing.

The effect of this mask is immediate. As I mentioned above, masks are here for immediate effect. However, in addition to its immediate effect, long-term use is the one that will make your hair softer, healthier and shinier. After using the Butters mask, the hair is soft, easily combed, is shiny, and the tips look less split.



Butters Leave-in hair mask

This mask is intended to be applied after washing your hair as it does not need to be rinsed off. It can be applied immediately after washing as extra care or between two hair washes to improve the appearance and structure of your hair. The mask can be used to quickly refresh and enhance the shine of your hair.

The mask comes in 50 ml packs with a pump, which makes it easy to dispense, but at the same time, due to its size, it is also suitable for a bag. You know, just when you need a nice haircut, one hair goes on it’s own. Well, with this mask you will no longer have these problems, as it will smooth out your hair.

Does it grease your hair?

It simply spreads over the surface of the hair and makes it more radiant. However, it is very important that it does not weigh the hair and give them a greasy appearance. Because I have a very oily scalp myself, I was scared that this would grease my hair even more, but if you apply the product only to the tips it will not happen. My time between washes still remains the same. The smell is the same as the rinse mask.

The effect

The purpose of this product is to nourish and smooth the hair during the washes, when the hair is already tired from external factors.



The publication was created in collaboration with company Kinezika. Natural Hair Intensive Care Mask and Leave-in Hair Mask are available at Butters.si.

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