About me

Hello there!

Cosmedoc blog is everything but the usual blog about cosmetics because it presents the facts about cosmetic active ingredients and their use. The author of this blog is ˝commited to make changes˝ cosmetic engineer Tajka. I am enthusiastic about laboratory experiments, chemical formulas, and love cosmetics.

The idea of creating a blog came up while working as a student – promotion and consulting for natural cosmetics. Many customers questioned me about the ingredients in products and I was happy to share the knowledge I  gained while studying.

Nowadays, it seems that the awareness of consumers is rising. Making sure they find the best product for their health and skincare within the innumerable amount of cosmetic products just by searching for reliable information.

The only problem is finding understandable and brief ˝instructions˝ for a layman and differentiating between lies and facts. The only problem for a layman is to find understandable and concise “instructions” and to know the difference between lies and facts. Well, I had decided to fill in this gap.

Tajka Selan - Cosmedoc blog creator and author

I want to combine information about ingredients and skincare in one place to break some myths and to present scientific facts that can be easily understood. The hardest part is not to summarize the long-winded sentences, including enormous foreign and professional expressions from technical literature … to make you sound smart; but to explain the complex scientific findings in a simple and comprehensive way. That’s real art!

In addition, I want to present our college major to the general public, the cosmetic engineer (cosmetology) college. No, it’s not a cosmetic school. It’s a university study program of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana. Our program curriculum consists of cell biology with genetics and microbiology to the toxicology and immunology of the skin with immunochemistry etc.

Long story short – here are the first facts:

  • Cosmedoc is sometimes fun, but always written as a semi-professional blog about skincare and cosmetics.
  • Cosmedoc acts as a counterweight to many “fake news” information, powered by strong marketing lobbies;
  • Cosmedoc spreads reliable and scientifically supported information.
  • Cosmedoc has already collaborated with 15 Slovenian and 3 foreign companies and prepared professional content for their blogs.

I wish you a pleasant reading in hope that my articles will be as instructive as entertaining and my tips to be useful in everyday life.