About me

Who is the person behind Cosmedoc?

Hello, my name is Tajka! My exploration of the world of cosmetics began during my undergraduate studies in Cosmetic Science at the Faculty of Pharmacy. I further complemented my knowledge with a master’s degree in Industrial Pharmacy. My mission – to debunk ingrained myths about cosmetics, present scientific facts in an accessible way, and act as a counterbalance to numerous misinformation from cosmetic marketing lobbies – led me to share my insights more than 5 years ago on the Cosmedoc.si blog and corresponding social media profiles.

Cosmedoc.si is the first professional blog in Slovenia about cosmetics and skincare. It is anything but an ordinary blog, as it presents facts and the background of how cosmetic products work, the mechanisms of cosmetic active ingredients, their use, and general information about skincare, all supported by the latest scientific findings.

Due to my professional education, I have:

  • Decided to assist individuals dealing with skin issues by offering them individual consultations.
  • Co-authored the first Slovenian skincare guide “Živjo, lepa koža” (Hello, beautiful skin), which was published in December 2022 and is currently available only in Slovenian language.
Photo: Aleksandra Saša Prelesnik

About Cosmedoc

I came up with the idea to start a blog during my cosmetology studies, particularly while working part-time in cosmetics promotions. Working with people, I noticed that the world of cosmetics and skincare is poorly understood, and most individuals still buy products based on marketing promises.

In recent years, consumer awareness has been rising, recognizing that, amidst the flood of cosmetic products on the market, informed decision-making and obtaining credible information are crucial to choosing the best products for one’s skin. The only problem is: where to find informative, layperson-friendly, and concise “instructions,” and how to distinguish falsehoods from facts? Well, I decided to fill that gap.

I want to bring together information about ingredients and skincare in one place, debunk myths, and present scientific facts in an accessible way. Because summarizing verbose sentences filled with jargon and technical terms from professional literature is not the most challenging part; the real art is explaining complex scientific findings in a simple and understandable manner.

My content, which is unbiased and supported by the latest scientific knowledge, acts as a counterbalance to numerous entrenched “fake news” pieces of information serving the interests of powerful marketing lobbies.

It is focused on all skin issues, to which I have decided to dedicate a significant portion of my research. I personally faced dermatological issues for the first time in childhood – in the form of atopic dermatitis, and later in adulthood – in the form of acne. Confronting these issues, I resolved to help everyone facing similar challenges as I did.

Now I wish you a pleasant reading and I hope that my articles will be both informative and entertaining, and that the advice will be useful in everyday life.