Skincare consultations

individual approach to skin care

The cosmetic industry is developing at a rapid pace, and new products practically hit the shelves of physical and online drugstores on a weekly basis. This rapid development, coupled with significant marketing promises and misinformation, can confuse many. The result is either a fear of using cosmetics or their incorrect application.

If your current attitude toward cosmetics looks like this...

You keep changing products and can't seem to find a routine that works for you.
Your attempts to find a proper routine cost a lot.
The products you are using are not having the desired effect.
Cosmetics and active ingredients seem like rocket science to you and you don't like to experiment.

it’s time to learn about a holistic approach to skin care that leads you to results and at the same time maintains beautiful and healthy skin.

How can counseling benefit you?

During the consultation, with my help, you will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas.

Observing the skin conditions

In order to establish an appropriate skin care routine, it is necessary to get to know your skin and to listen and observe what it tells us. When filling out the questionnaire, most of the clients say that they have never been so committed to certain skin changes and that they only now understand how complex it is to establish a skin care routine, given the priority issues. This foundation teaches you to observe your skin and understand what it is telling you, and based on this, you will be able to change certain steps in your care routine in the future.

Learning from your skincare mistakes

The old adage says that we learn best from mistakes, so a review of your previous skin care routine is an important basis of our consultation. Based on the implementation of individual steps and the selection of products, we can see what you did right and what you did wrong, which is the basis for building an appropriate skin care routine.

Understanding the why behind the steps

How many times do you find yourself in front of either a home cabinet with cosmetics or in front of drugstore shelves and ask yourself how to use these products, how to combine them and whether or not they are even suitable for your skin? The purpose of my advice is not to prescribe a routine, and you don't know why these products are even useful for you. The foundation of good skin care is always understanding the importance of individual steps, such as cleaning, moisturizing, strengthening the barrier, protection against UV radiation and, as the icing on the cake, active ingredients selected for individual problems.

Changing the relationship with your skin

A new routine will help you establish a better relationship with your skin, as you will learn to observe it and better accept it in the process of changes. If until now you have seen acne and hurried to squeeze it in front of the mirror, now with simple tricks and proper skin care, we will put an end to it. With the right products, you will start to enjoy your skin care routine, rather than doing it only as a necessity.

Online consultations

Online counselling takes place in the form of a one-time video call. Before the online consultation, you send me photos of your skin.

The online consultation includes a detailed examination and assessment of your skin condition, a review of your current skincare routine, education about existing skin conditions and potential mistakes in the practice of care, as well as a protocol of recommended changes in the care routine and recommendations for additional therapies.

After counselling, each client receives an individual script and 1-week support in case of questions. Additional consultations after this period are chargeable.

Pricing list

Online consultaion

video call
  • Examination and assessment of your skin condition
  • An overview of your current skin care routine and products
  • Explanation of necessary changes in skin care and treatment
  • Composition of a new skin care plan with appropriate products suitable for your skin
  • Personalized script with instructions and recommendations (after consultation)
  • 1-week support in case of questions after the consultation


(for those who have already completed the first consultation) via e-mail
  • Examination and assessment of your skin condition after introducing a new routine and products
  • A proposal for meaningful changes regarding the achieved skin condition
  • Updating your skin care plan with the right products for your skin
  • Q&A session

Each individual skin care consultation includes the option of one response via e-mail or phone. Further answers are charged €5-20, depending on the consultant’s time spent.

Cancellation of individual treatment or change of appointment must be communicated at least 2 days in advance. Otherwise, it is considered that the consultation was realized and the full price of the consultation is charged.

Applications for individual counseling

Consultations take place according to pre-arranged times. You can find free appointments in the form below. If you are not able to attend counselling in any of the scheduled appointments, the appointments are attached by individual agreement via e-mail. By booking an appointment, you accept the general conditions.



Individual consultations take place at pre-arranged times. All currently available appointments are displayed in the application form, and you choose the one that suits you best. After booking, it is necessary to wait for confirmation of the appointment.

Consultations take place online via a pre-arranged application.

Before the consultation, you will receive a questionnaire that must be completed before the consultation. Based on your questionnaire, I am preparing for counseling. As part of this, I can get to know your lifestyle and current skin problems. It also follows an overview of your daily facial care routine. During the conversation, I will point out possible irregularities in the existing routine and suggest ways to improve the routine. I will advise you on further care and draw up an individual protocol that is adapted only to you and your skin type and associated problems. You will receive a new care protocol in written form to the e-mail you used to register.

Counselling is far from suitable only for those with skin problems. It is designed in such a way that it is also suitable for all those of you who simply do not have the time and will to research the field of cosmetics and skin care to the extent that you could establish an appropriate care routine. Even if your goal is a more appropriate care routine, upgrading the existing one or acquiring new knowledge and skills and building a positive attitude towards your skin, counseling is suitable for you. Counselling is far from suitable only for those who have skin problems. It is designed in such a way that it is also suitable for all those of you who simply do not have the time and will to research the field of cosmetics and skin care to the extent that you could establish an appropriate care routine. Even if your goal is a more appropriate care routine, upgrading the existing one or acquiring new knowledge and skills and building a positive attitude towards your skin, counseling is suitable for you.

Customer feedback

I really wish I could write you one constructive criticism, because I know it would come in handy, but I really don’t have any comments. You are pleasant and professional at the same time, but understandable, which is difficult because you are mostly dealing with lay people.

It’s great that you write down care in an email, it’s great that you try to use products that someone already has, it’s great that you give suggestions for new ones by name (I’ve already ordered a serum and a barrier cream). I work in HR, so I spend a lot of time with people. I think that for long-term good human and business relations, it is most worthwhile if you are genuine, honest and only talk about what you really know, and these are certainly your strengths. With me, you’ve got a long-term client and a guinea pig for this and all subsequent projects.

Kaja D.

Sincere thanks for your time and effort to devote yourself so nicely to a person and explain everything clearly. I was very satisfied with the consultation, I liked that we could present all our products to you, so that you could tell us exactly whether they are suitable for our skin care or not, because in the flood of all the information on the Internet, we often do not know how to combine the right products and as a result do not come to the desired result. After the consultation, I felt reassured that I would take good care of my skin. I am very impressed with the script you send us, which is full of information, it describes everything we talked about, all the care steps and the products that come into consideration for my skin, plus the care written by day, which is simply great 🙂 Thai girl, you are really nice and open person and you create such a relaxed atmosphere. I recommend the consultation to anyone who wants to know everything about their skin type, the problems they are dealing with, suggestions for products that would help you and how to care for them. Thai, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I was very satisfied. Basically, my skin has visibly improved since we had the consultation, I especially notice a difference in texture or “smoothness” and an improvement in the state of the barrier, as nothing tightens me anymore and the feeling on the skin is comfortable. There is also almost no inflamed acne, I still have some before my cycle, but it quickly “gives up”.

Naja M.

Dear Thai, Thank you very much for your advice. It was exactly as I imagined and needed. Not too long, you explained all my questions in a comprehensible way and without “some salad”. Really superb! What’s even better is that you send written instructions after the interview, and I didn’t bother with notes during the consultation and if I remember everything at once! This is really cool, such a way! When I signed up and received your instructions and questionnaire, I thought that half an hour would not be enough time. There is plenty of time. Of course, writing the instructions takes extra work and minutes… So TOP! My instructions are sprinted. If something is not clear to me, I will write to you. It’s really great this way. And I’ve never used so much oil on my face in my life, it was always too much for me, but now I’m really looking forward to the care! I wish you a lot of success and many satisfied customers on your stoking journey! I don’t think you will miss them.

Maja B.

Regarding the counseling itself, I can only write praises. I got the feeling that you really paid attention to me and explained a lot of things to me in a short time. Thank you also for the extremely quick response to the application itself and then when sending the care plan. I think that a customized personal care plan is the one that will help me the most and save me time. It’s great that I now have a handy guide and no longer have to spend hours researching which products would work best for my problems. I am very satisfied and I really did not expect such a change in such a quick time. Already after the first week there was an obvious improvement, now after 4 at all! Thanks for your help.

Lea M.

First of all, thank you very much for your time, knowledge and all the advice. I am most happy that you gave me professional advice regarding my problem (atopic dermatitis) and suggested products that would suit my skin. I admit that I was a little shy to approach the consultation, because I am not an expert and I use a minimum of products. I was glad that you did not judge me in this direction and we had a nice talk. I am excited about the care plan, which I will try to implement regularly. Sincere thanks.

Katja Š.

I was extremely satisfied with the individual counseling. I finally found someone who really knows the skin and its problems. It’s a bit bad for me that I didn’t discover something similar earlier, because I would have saved myself many unnecessary purchases of unsuitable products. Despite the fact that I am a real “skincare freak”, because I have already read and examined all possible matters because of my acne, I learned many new things during the consultation. The individualized care script is the highlight of everything! A real bible with instructions, information and advice. Thank you very much for all the effort!

Vanja S.

Cosmedoc consultations are led by a graduate Cosmetic Scienties and Master in Industrial Pharmacy.

I have always loved cosmetics, but studying cosmetology deepened my love for researching this field. Since I myself have problematic and acne-prone skin, I threw myself into researching ingredients and cosmetic products that would improve my condition.

With all the experimentation and listening to (non-professional) advice, my skin condition only got worse for years and years. I jumped at every piece of advice because I wanted overnight results. I was of the opinion that the more products I use and the more I constantly change my routine so that my skin doesn’t get used to it, the better it will be.

Oh, how wrong I was. Over time, I learned to listen to my skin and learn from my mistakes. Today I know that only with consistency can we get the desired results.

Researching on my own gave me a lot of (still necessary) experience, which I am now happy to pass on in the form of individual consultations.

Tajka Selan – founder of the blog