Butters: in a special way manufactured butters

This time in Slovenian cosmetics we will talk about a brand that makes very nice smelling organic kinds of butter for skin care. Butters is a Slovenian company specializing in the manufacturing of all kinds of butter by a cold process.

This time in Slovenian cosmetics we will talk about a brand that makes very nice smelling organic kinds of butter for skin care. Butters is a Slovenian company specializing in the manufacturing of all kinds of butter by a cold process.

What are vegetable butters?

Vegetable kinds of butter are mainly a mixture of different triglycerides, which represent more than 98-99%, and other components (1-2%) like phytosterols, phospholipids, phenolic compounds, terpenoids, carotenoids, vitamin E. The composition is influenced by the botanical species and the subtype of the plant, climate, location, season, day, plant part and plant treatment on the ground and after transportation from the field and proper storage.

Vegetable butter consists mainly of fatty acids with 16 to 18 C atoms: palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid. Butters consist of mostly saturated fatty acids. These have a higher melting point than unsaturated fatty acids, that’s why butters are solid at room temperature.

How Butters company produces their butters?

Kinezika company have developed a special process to manufacture kinds of butter by themselves. Two of the most common methods of obtaining oils and kinds of butter, a warm (standard) and cold process are known.

Usually, all kinds of butter are heated in order to pass from a solid aggregate state into a liquid, adding some other substances. But in this company butters are manufactured by a special cold process. By mixing kinds of butter are converted into a creamy texture. The creamy texture makes it easier to apply the product. A good side of the cold process is that they retain all butter’s special properties, which would be lost for sure by heating to high temperatures.

We tested all four kinds of butter that Butters released recently. Three of them: Toffee Butter, CBD Butter and Amaretto-banana Butter are based on shea butter. And one special butter – Pineapple Butter, which is based on the cupuacu butter.

We’re for something tropical, right?

Tropical Pineapple Butter is basically a cupuacu butter with coconut oil and pineapple aroma. The product just like a mousse, it’s soft and easily absorbed into the skin, without leaving a greasy feeling.

Cupuacu butter or Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter is an alternative to the problematic lanolin (wool sheep wax that causes many allergic reactions). Cupuacu butter is capable of retaining moisture, but at the same time, it penetrates very quickly through the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s suitable for vegans.

Interesting fact: Cupuacu butter is able to bind 440% of water. So, 1 kg cupuacu butter absorbs 4,4 kg of water.

Source: Fleck, C. A., & Newman, M. (2012). Advanced Skin Care – A Novel Ingredient. Journal of
the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, 4(4), 92–94.

Effects of cupuacu butter

It’s an emollient that helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. In addition to emollient action, it also exhibits antioxidant and moisturizing effects. In fact, they call it “super humectant”. It makes the skin softer, more elastic and flexible.

As we have said many times, to oils and butters we can’t attribute SPF values, but many studies prove that they absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. This is especially important in case of photo-aging because the skin is unintentionally protected from the sun. It calms our skin, which is why it’s also suitable for taking care of sunburned skin.

Cupuacu is suitable for the care of dry and oily skin.

How is this even possible?

1. Dry skin – contains phytosterols and sterols that are regenerative and have a beneficial effect on dry skin

2. Oily skin – this butter has the ability to moisturize, which is a MUST for every type of skin

Some use cupuacu butter to treat eczema and psoriasis. The fatty acid composition of this butter is special, it contains up to 35% oleic acid, up to 25% of lauric and stearic, up to 6.5% linoleic and fatty acid, which made it so special – called arachidonic acid (up to 4.5 %). Arachidonic acid is omega-6 acid, which is necessary for the functioning of cells in our body (nerve and immune cells, joint cells). It indirectly helps to reduce inflammation and wound healing.

Butters based on Shea Butter

Shea Butter is already well known.

The fatty acid composition of shea butter is quite different from cupuacu, containing up to 49% oleic acid, up to 38% stearic acid and up to 5% linoleic acid. The specificity of this butter is the high content of terpenoids (30,000 mg/kg) that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also contains phenols that have antioxidant properties.

Due to the content of terpenes (in butter) in laboratories have been demonstrated anti-inflammatory and preventive antitumor activity. Antitumor action of the butter is not very accurate, but good prevention can’t hurt anyone. Because it’s regenerative it’s also very popular for the care of atopic skin it helps to establish a broken skin barrier. Unrefined butter has a strong smell (like goat’s milk) but that’s exactly that kind of butter has the best quality.

Interesting facts about Shea butter

Interesting fact # 1: Shea butter helps to prevent mosquito bites. According to a study, the probability of a mosquito bite was reduced by about 40% after applying Shea Butter. Especially in the summer, this would be a very good solution, right? We can probably just add a drop of essential oils of lemongrass or lavender and the unpleasant itching will be gone for quite some time!

Interesting fact # 2: Shea butter is apparently more effective in unclogging the nose when we catch a cold than conventional nose droplets.

All Butters products with shea are soft and spreads very well. After application to the skin, they are absorbed quickly and don’t leave a greasy feeling.

Which are the new Butters products based on shea?

CBD Butter – behind the name shea butter with hemp is hiding. Cannabis in cosmetics is becoming more and more popular because it actually has a positive effect on the skin. It very efficient in improving the condition of skin diseases.

Amaretto-banana Butter is butter that smells like ice cream. It has a sweet, but fresh smell. Very appropriate for cuddling.

Toffee Butter is shea butter with a caramel flavor. The smell of butter gives you the feeling that you are having a bath of caramel, but unlike the real caramel, you aren’t sticky and the feeling on the skin is pleasantly soft.

Which body butter do you like the most? Check out Butters.si for a good smelling body product!


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