Skinfairytale sent two new products to the market before the summer and these are the natural body makeup Chocotan and the natural Aftersun lotion. Why is natural Chocotan a better choice than classic self-tanning product and what kind of wonders does the Aftersun lotion do?

Do you know that Coco Chanel was the one that made the darker complexion more desirable? Most of her ads featured black women. Whereas, once upon a time in all over the world and still today in Asia, the bright complexion was considered “royal”. A light complexion meant that women were higher in the social class because they did not need to work outside and therefore did not expose their skin to the sun, while women who were poorer worked outside and consequently had a darker complexion.

In today’s society, tanned skin is a symbol of healthy and dynamic life. Surely, now you remember some burnt-out Spanish guy and fiesta. However,  people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of UV radiation and by avoiding the sun, applying sunscreens and properly protecting ourselves with clothing will do the most good for our skin. These two things are mutually exclusive and because among the Caucasians the desire for a tanned complexion still has not declined, the cosmetic manufacturers added their word with releasing self-tanning products.

Dihydroxyacetone is classified as a colorant and used in cosmetic products at concentrations between 3 -5%. Depending on the added concentration of dihydroxyacetone in the cosmetic product, different complexion colors can be achieved. However, the color that develops also depends on other ingredients in the formulation such as moisturizers, oils, UV filters and thickeners. Although dihydroxyacetone is a well-tolerated ingredient, some individuals may still develop allergic reactions. This ingredient in higher concentrations gives a more artificial and uneven complexion, while drying out the skin. It also has a very characteristic odor, which is difficult to cover with fragrances.

Erythrulose has evolved as an alternative to dihydroxyacetone. It gives a much more natural complexion and does not dry out the skin. In addition to the ingredients listed above, the color that develops is influenced by the presence of vitamin E (yellow undertone) in the formulation.

Active self-tanning ingredients include dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erythrulose. You can read more about these ingredients in the post below.

Chocotan Lotion is a 100% natural colored body lotion containing natural mineral pigments. The product is a makeup for the body and face that allows  quick and effective darkening of the skin. In addition to providing a tanned complexion, it also moisturizes and nourishes the skin. The color is provided by mineral pigments, namely titanium dioxide, which is better known to us as the UV filter (gives a characteristic white color), iron oxide (red), and iron oxide yellow, which is a yellow variation of iron oxide.

Chocotan is a very viscous and dense product, which is convenient for dosing. Due to its texture, it does not smear as easily as lotion, which makes it better not to squeeze 10 pumps at a time, but little by little and then smear on the skin. You will be a little tired for a more even application, but the promise is that the final effect is really worth it! It is best to take a little and rub in a certain area. I spoil it first, then tap it to spread nicely – like sun cream.

The good side is that you can layer the product to provide a darker color. The product has a beautiful brown color, which is also reflected on the skin. Otherwise, it pulls a bit of an orange tinge, but it will only be obvious if you have a really white complexion. I have a very light complexion myself and do not look orange after application. The product is a great skin highlight and really looks natural. After defending my diploma, everyone asked me if I went to the seaside because I was so tanned. My secret was obviously the Chocotan Lotion.

Na levi nogi nanesen Chocotan, na desni naravna polt

Chocotan Lotion applied on the left leg, my natural complexion on the right leg

Chocotan packaging is not the best of luck. It is excellent in that we cannot access the product with our fingers and thus introduce bacteria into the product itself. The packaging is created with an air-free pump that makes it easy to dispense the product. However, the functionality of the packaging this time around was choked by the Chocotan formulation. It is a very dense and viscous product, which causes the pump to no longer “spit it out” after a few attempts. The first few uses still worked in my case, and then failed.

However, don’t let the non-functional packaging discourage you from buying it, as the product itself is excellent and after a few unhappy responses to the packaging, has a new look. It is now available in pot-shaped packaging. If you are still the holder of the old packaging, simply open the product and move it to a working container with a clean spoon.

Chocotan LotionClassic self-tanning product
Natural and free of skin-reacting substancesContains substances that react with skin proteins
Has an immediate effectIt takes up to 24 hours for the color to develop
Easier to apply evenlyHarder to apply evenly
There is no chance of the color developing incorrectly as the product already has a certain colorIt is possible that after the reaction on the skin, the color develops differently than expected and turns orange
If you make a mistake you can wash it immediately with soap and waterIn case you have any stains you cannot wash them immediately, as the tanning ingredients reacted with skin proteins
Leaves glowing and nourished skin behind, as it contains small particles (mica) that glow beautifully in the lightCan dry out the skin
It is appropriate for people with allergies and can be applied throughout the body (in case coconut oil causes pimples, do not apply it on your face)Self-tanning creams are not meant to be applied on the face as they can cause allergic reactions
It has a pleasant smellThey can stink when they react with skin proteins

Aftersun products are especially useful when sunburnt, but simply because of their pleasant cooling effect, they can also replace regular care lotions. After sunburst, they soothe the skin and are designed specifically for skin care that has been exposed to the sun in one way or another. They contain ingredients that also moisturize the skin properly and help it regenerate faster.

In addition to moisturizing the skin, it also gives a cooling effect (menthol), which after exposure to the sun comes out just right. Contains mango butter, castor oil, lavender and sunflower oil, panthenol, glycerin, aloe vera. Above all, panthenol makes your red skin recover faster. One day  I too was scorched by the sun, so I applied Aftersun Lotion in the evening. In the morning there was almost no trace of redness. Another advantage is the lavender odor that helps repel mosquitoes. So after showering we solve with 1 product 2 things – care + mosquito protection! What is more beautiful?

The publication was created in collaboration with Skinfairytale.