Skincare science simplified

During my undergraduate studies in Cosmetic Science, I felt a calling to educate and selflessly share the knowledge acquired in the field of cosmetics and skincare.

Cosmedoc, a reflection of my mission, was created with the intention of presenting complex findings in skincare in a simplified form, embodying the slogan “Skincare science simplified.”

My master’s education in Industrial Pharmacy prompted me to delve deeper into cosmetology, with the goal of understanding a holistic approach to skincare and maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

Skincare consultation

The skin is the only organ that reflects all changes within the body outward. Addressing skin issues and maintaining healthy skin require a comprehensive approach, involving both proper skincare and a well-organized lifestyle.

Skincare advice stems from scientific research on the mutual interaction of individual skincare steps and the combination of active ingredients in addressing skin issues and achieving healthy skin.

We focus on a skincare routine that you perform at home and lifestyle habits that you can organize to support the health of your skin.

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